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Locksmith Tampa

Locksmith Tampa

Locksmith Tampa





Dedicated and trustworthy local locksmith Tampa service available 24 hours daily and 7 days a week.

With all the news of burglary and theft, you can never neglect the security you place when it

comes to your properties. Our clients have trusted A Lenny Locksmith services for many years

now in protecting their homes and business spaces.


Locksmith Tampa services need to be updated with the technology in place when it comes to home

securities. Gone are the days when a local locksmith has to only deal with metal keys. Now, we

have keyless access, bio scans, remote controls and other systems that no longer require metal



Each local locksmith Tampa is certified and trained with the latest security technology. Aside from

being metal key experts, our local locksmith can also deal with more sophisticated level of lock



You can call our hotline anytime for home, office or roadside service. Our local locksmith and car

locksmith travel with workshops housed in vans so that we can provide rekeying on-site. With

extra supplies, we can even proceed with lock changes in situations when it’s necessary.

Our car locksmith can deal with a any vehicle alarm or remote systems. Reprogramming keys

only takes a few minutes, ensuring that you regain the security your vehicle needs.


Commercial Locksmith Services

We also have clienteles who are business owners and entrusted us with their office security

systems. For fresh installations, we can send a local locksmith to your site by appointment and

recommend the best system according to your budget and preferences.

Our hotline is open 24/7 and receives emergency locksmith situations. A local locksmith or car

locksmith is always available for dispatch. Please feel free to call us for queries, appointments or

stock availability. Our shop is open during business hours. We carry a wide range of brand and

types of lock sets.



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